Thriving in 2021


Hi guys, long time no blog.

I would apologize for my hiatus, but I believe it was for the better. Let me give a bit of an update:
Since my last post I have moved to a new state and started a new job; America has gone through the 2020 election and inauguration, as well as a surprisingly intense winter storm in the southeast and the one year anniversary of Covid-19’s takeover; my dad had back surgery, my truck was broken into, my love for anime has grown, and Nickelodeon announced an Avatar Studio. But personal stuff is boring.
How does that relate to this blog?
Well, long before I dropped off, I started feeling really weird about the website. In fact, the disappearance was a long time coming.
When I started, I put a lot of pressure on myself to publish only my best content. Every week had to be valuable and well edited to a shine in case anyone cared to read it. I’m no expert, but I had hoped that my thoughts could be interesting, maybe even inspiring to young writers. That pressure grew steadily over time, and as life entered a turbulent phase, I found myself preferring silence to unpolished posts. Looking back, I think the stagnation of my blog and twitter added to my reluctance to work on my manuscript at all.

After finding some inspiration and encouraging friends, I fell in love with my manuscript again and have been making big strides. I want that energy to reach here, too.

So I’m going to try to start over.
This blog is documentation of my writing journey. Media I find helpful, thoughts on the craft, updates on what I’ve been working on, revelations about storytelling. It doesn’t have to be pretty in the beginning. I want to be kinder to myself and more reasonable with my expectations. This is a learning experience, and trial is the only way to grow. I hope you’ll be here to grow with me.

So here we are. This was probably a pretty boring blog, but I stand by the desire to put it out there. Like a commitment. I’ve got my habit tracker all set up and some discoveries to share — starting next time with structure, because guess who is reevaluating her outline again.
If this is your first blog, maybe check out a different one to get a better idea of what the page is about. Maybe stick around to hear me break down my structure. It’ll be fun.
Stay safe!
Rena Grace

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