Hi, I’m Rena Grace

Short Stories

Well, welcome!

I am a writer and storyteller, and I have been all my life. I come from a family of storytellers. When I’m not writing or listening to stories from my family, I am consuming all the media I can find. I love to read, find a good TV series, watch writing videos on YouTube — you name it. And I listen and watch all these things with a critical eye because that’s the way to learn.

When looking at specifics, I have a real interest in the fantastical. I love reading and writing unique magic systems, then seeing how they would interact with the world. Of course, the setting can only get you so far. I believe a story is only as good as it’s characters. I get incredibly attached to well-written characters — I have made it through fairly ordinary premises because of the extraordinary nature of the people involved. You could even take that back to the stories my family tells; there’s nothing magical about a day at work, but I care what happened to the “character” who was working and their friends.

All that said, I’ll be posting a variety of content; I share writing advice, short stories, media analysis, and updates on my fantasy WIP.

Tune in for updates and come connect with me on Twitter. I’d love to see you around!

Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Rena Grace

  1. I’ll admit. I’m only halfway past the first draft only, but I already love Abryn
    xDDD. I just bookmarked this and I’ll be back to lay another comment once I read this offline. Your writing style is so smooth ;-;

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  2. Okay, I absolutely love how you added materials where the world-building is concerned. Abryn also managed to maintain her sass *lmfao* I adore her. It’s like the only thing that changed in her in both version is how her sarcasm became more sophisticated. I actually felt a pang of pain for that light-haired dude. Anyways, I’m really seeing something in the opening of this book. It will hopefully be a hit. *who doesn’t adore shape shifters?*

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